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Training Programmes


1. Excellent Sales Course

We offer one of the most comprehensive sales training. We are consistently evolving to incorporate market trends and new development to help sales people all over Kenya and beyond to become the best they can be. If you are looking for a firm that can help your sales teams do better, then we are confident we can meet all your requirements.

• How to beat competition
• Results in professional, focused and motivated sales staff

We cover:

• Understanding your prospects’ buying motive
• Ideas to make business relationships work
• Sales mastery – overcome objections, ways to create a referral business, manage yourself and others.
• Cutting edge selling skills – whether selling face-to-face, via email, tele-marketing

This course is dubbed excellent selling course. It not only covers the nuts and bolts of achieving great sales but goes far beyond with intention of priming you to consistently sell your work for what’s it’s truly worth to create even better relationships with clients who will appreciate better experience.

2. Excellent Customer Care

In Kenya and beyond,Market trends and forces keep changing, and so every organization looks at improved ways to conduct business with the ultimate aim of meeting customer expectations.
In today’s competitive business environment, good relationships are essential to secure new and repeat business.
This course emphasizes the role that each person plays towards good customer relations within their organizations.


• An opportunity to appreciate the business value of providing excellent customer care, gain, skills in handling difficult customers, ensures your personal style helps and not hinder. Gain confidence in dealing with difficult types of people


• Importance of customer care
• Ways to improve the quality of customer care
• Analyze areas for self improvement.
• Introduction of objectives
• What is customer care
• True value of giving customer care
• Who are your customers
• First impressions
• Assertiveness
• Handling difficult situations
• Building long-term relationships with customers
• Developing personal action plan.

3. Recruitment and Selection Training

Course aimed at supervisors and managers who wish to understand the recruitment and selection process and develop the skills required to prepare interviews and make decisions.


• Understand benefits at an effective recruitment and selection process
• Gain confidence and experience in their application
• Develop skills for successful literacy and selection of a candidate.

Course Outline:

• Understanding the stages in the process
-Recruitment and selection
-Job description
-Person specifications
-Advertising and short listing
-Selection techniques

• Interview Preparation

4. Confidence Building Course

Suits individuals and group needs confidence and assertiveness at the work place.


• About basic courtesies of living to working with other human beings.
• During this course, delegates will learn to deal with other people effectively and be aware of their own behavior too.
• Differences of direction, motivation, personality, ethnic group, gender, class and ability can all bring problems. This is are ideas to prevent people problems. Resolving conflict and building harmonious workplaces.
• Understand fears and remove blocks that prevent delegates from achieving full potential
• Understand what assertiveness is.
• Creating boundaries and learning to say no.
• How to be assertive in meetings
• How to improve communication skills
• How to deal effectively with disagreements and conflicts
• How to deal with and survive aggressive behaviour

5. Management Skills Training

Can be tailored to suit individual needs


• Making the move into a management job can be demanding. IT needs new skills so that you can get results through to other people. Theses essential skills for new managers do not come naturally. This course helps you to learn them and have the confidence to put them into practice and being the process of effective, professional, managerial control, of the organizations most important resource, it’s people.
• This intensive course is highly participative and provides delegates with guidance on how they can build and develop key skills needed when they move into a management role.
• Course designed to be as practical as possible.

6. Supervisory Skills Training

For anyone who is new to supervisory on management role.

Course objectives

• Understand the Role and responsibility of the supervisor
• Introduction to Planning and organization (prioritizing)
• Appreciate Leadership skills
• Time management
• Breaking delegation barrier
• Communication skills
• Interpersonal skills (Empathy)

7. Time Management Training Course Overview

Course Overview:

• This is about managing time effectively so it becomes an asset rather than an obstacle.
• Time is the most democratic commodity that there is, everybody has exactly the same amount of an hour and 60 seconds in a minute.
• Why is it that some of us never seem to have enough?
This course hopefully dispels the myth that there is never enough time.

Who should attend?

• Anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by a long ‘To Do List’ with no end in sight
• Delegates who would like to better manage their time, respond well to changing of growing demands, and achieve more without working late

8. Effective Communication Course

Everyone uses interpersonal communication skills. We use them at home with our families, in the workplace with our bosses and coworkers, on our computers and when we answer email.
Interpersonal communication applies to all of our relationships, personal and business. Others respect or reject us based on our interpersonal communication skills. People send us messages in every interpersonal communication encounter. Those messages can be explicit (verbal comments) or implicit (nonverbal facial expressions, other body language, and physical space).

Communication is a process involving both the transmission and reception of information.

Your relationships with other people have a great impact on every aspect of your life. The essence of relationships is communication and yet between people who care deeply for each other, communication sometimes becomes blocked.

• We can not put feelings into words
• Our partner speaks but we don’t hear
• We stare helplessly across the abyss of silence or in frustration we hurl attacks that drive us further apart.
• Poor communication can damage all your relationships. This can affect your performance at work, your self confidence and your physical health.
• Effective communication teaches you powerful communication skills that enable you to be more effective at home and work and in all of those situations where better relationships can make all the difference.


• Understand how communication breaks down and how best to repair it.
• More affection, empathy and mutual understanding with the people in your life
• Feel free to express and release unspoken feelings
• Have much better ability to listen and make yourself understood.

9. Effective Presentation Skills


Good information a great idea or the best proposal are only half the battle. Being able to successfully present them, by computing an audience and taking them on your journey, is what this captivating presentations course teaches the participant.


• Define communication and it’s components
• Learn to design effective and engaging presentations
• Select the mos t suitable delivery method based on the audience, the environment and the message being delivered.
• Master powerful and effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
• Gain insight into effective techniques for calming nerves
• Learn to create fantastic flip charts to support key messages.
• Create compelling power points presentations
• Lean different tools to add diversity and interest to engage an audience
• Learn to pump it up a notch to deliver higher energy presentations


• Present info, thoughts and ideas confidently and persuasively to an individual or a to a group of listeners.
• An approach that enhances the participants’ control of the situation. Ensuring that the meeting and presentation objectives are clear and consistently met.
• Greater flexibility to adapt to abroad range of roles, objectives and audience ensuring delivery of only relevant info that will achieve desired business objectives.
• A well structured time-saving and confident approach to planning, organizing and delivering presentations.


10. Conflict Management

This training course enables delegates to understand the process which will make them ore effective and increase their confidence and sense of understanding of difficulty behavior within people and to resolve difficult situation using conflict management techniques.


• Understand aggressive and angry customers
• Hostile negotiators
• Conflict with colleagues and other departments
• Aggressive and hostile behavior form senior colleagues and management
• Defensive and angry reactions from team members
• Continual negativity from team.

11. Corporate Governance Course

• Corporate governance refers to the structures, systems and processes which are used to direct and control an organisation. It includes the mechanisms by which companies, and those in control of companies, are held to account.
• The board should strive to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance which, in turn, should enhance their organisation’s performance now and into the future.

The delegates will be trained on following key areas:
• the role of the board
• key office holders
• directors’ duties and responsibilities
• board committees
• strategy
• risk management
• compliance
• CEO and representative functions
• monitoring organisational performance
• monitoring financial performance
• board skills and development.

12. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict

If you have a high emotional intelligence you are able to recognize your own emotional state and the emotional states of others and engage with people in a way that draws them to you. You can use this understanding of emotions to relate better to other people, form healthier relationships, achieve greater success at work, and lead a more fulfilling life.

In this course the delegates will gain a better understanding on:
• What is Emotional intelligence
• The importance of Emotional Intelligence
• How to raise your emotional intelligence
• Emotional intelligence skills such as: non verbal communication, and resolving conflict positively

13. Office Etiquette

Office etiquette is the set of written and unwritten rules of conduct that make social interactions run more smoothly.

In this course , the delegates learn:
• Etiquette and rules of behavior
• Dealing with collegues
• Proffesional conduct
• Dealing with difficult people and issues professionaly
• Etiquette in meetings
• Netiquette
• Business entertainment the professional way.
• Etiquette in and around the office


Individuals may have learnt from their experience. This learning might be in the form of new ideas or insights that are valuable in coping better with the changing context. But, this learning may not get transferred to the team. If individual ideas and insights do not get translated into group ideas and insights, the final actions and initiatives do not get positively influenced.

Team Work and team building will help the organization achieve their objectives synergistically.
The delegates will learn:
• Importance of team work
• Stages of team development
• Team structure
• Team norms
• Team leadership
• Assessing team effectiveness

15. Revolutionalizing Organizational Culture

Leadership engagement is a key factor in changing an organization’s culture. Leaders can start the culture development process by imposing their thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions on an organization.